Training & Courses

The DCR offers a broad range of courses for clinicians and researchers.

CIU offers work shadowing programs, mentorship and teaching in conduct of clinical studies.

DCR has a full program of education- see side bar for courses.

CTU Bern Courses and trainings can be found here.

For medical students, we offer an opportunity to spend time in an active Clinical Trials Unit and become familiar with the many steps involved in designing and running a Clinical Study. Students will observe consultations for various clinical trials, including obtaining informed consent and administration of trial procedures and therapies. Details of current studies can be found at www. Students will also become familiar with PPI (patient and public involvement in research). They can participate in any activities that are happening at this time at DCR, including at CTU (Mittelstrasse). However, the emphasis is on interacting with research teams and patients and families to understand why clinical research is important. Students will become familiar with study protocols, adverse event reporting, ethical issues, communication around trials, and how trials function from start to finish, including roles and responsibilities of Pis, different study staff, monitors, etc.

Please follow this ILIAS Link for registration.