DCR Units

DCR offers consultation, education and original research, available for all clinical researchers and drives and promotes initiatives in the clinical research arena. the DCR offices are located in at sitem-insel, Freiburgstrasse 3, 3010 Bern

CTU Bern and the Clinical Investigation Unit (CIU) work together under the DCR umbrella to provide comprehensive support for patient-centered research.

Together, the DCR units have a broad expertise across all aspects of clinical trials. A cooperation with the DCR units is possible at any stage of a clinical study, even if already commenced.

CTU Bern

CTU Bern is an academic partner for clinical studies initiated by investigators of the University of Bern, Inselspital and associated services, as well as outside organisations and researchers. CTU Bern provides the full range of clinical study experiences from methodological consulting, to GCP-compliant data management solutions, clinical study management, central and/or on-site monitoring, and statistical analysis. CTU Bern collaborates with CIU for the on-site conduct of any clinical study.

Clinical Investigation Unit (CIU)

Clinical Investigation Team at sitem-insel Bern

CIU offers professional academic partnerships to research teams at Inselspital Bern and associated services and University Bern as well as to all internal and external parties conducting clinical research. CIU operates on a flexible model to best enhance each individual collaboration, with facilities available for use by study teams through to full conduct of clinical trials. CIU offers expertise particularly with patient engagement, recruitment strategies and trial conduct optimization, budgeting and contract negotiation.

Medical Data Science

Medical Data Science Unit is currently under development.